OCIIOpen Concept Internet Inc. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
OCIIOakland Community Information Infrastructure (California)
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After 11 years with OCII and its predecessor, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, Grisso managed the implementation of the Transbay and South of Market Redevelopment Project Areas.
(1.) All quotations from Baudelaire's letters and works are cited from the Pleiade volumes Correspondance (volumes I and II) and CEuvres completes (volumes I and II), edited by Claude Pichois, abbreviated as CI, CTI, OCI, and OCII. All unattributed translations are mine.
La fameuse "disparition elocutoire du poete qui cede l'initiative aux mots" (Mallarme, "Crise de vers" OCII 211) est la figure ultime du poete en flambeau consume.
IoI"III IoOaI"OcI[sup.1]I'OuI[bar]I"II" II OiI" I"I[bar]I-I"OeOa I...I"II OuI[bar]I"II" OCII I"I'I I...I"OeOiI'II[acute accent]I[bar] IaeI"I"IOaOC OaOaI"Oa IAOCI"I[sup.1]I'OaI"OCI-I[sup.1]OCI"III", OcOeI" I'IIAOCIII[sup.1]I" I"IOCIOeI[acute accent]I'I[sup.1]I[acute accent] I[bar] II"III[acute accent] II"OuOaI[sup.3]IOCOuOeII[acute accent]I'I'I"I II[sup.3]I-I[sup.1]I'I[sup.1]OuOeOCIOaI[sup.1]I[sup.1] IUIOCI-IiOaI OuI[bar]I"II" OCII I"I'I IoI[sup.1]I"I[acute accent]I[bar]Oa I[pounds sterling]IOeOCII[sup.1]I-I"IOa Ou OaI[acute accent]I"OiOA IOiOAOuI'I[sup.1]OeOi, I'IOuI[bar]I"I"OiI[bar]I" I[cedilla]II[bar]I"I'I'I" IAOCI"II"I[sup.3]OAOeOuOA OCIII"OeOi I'I I-I[acute accent]OuOeI"OCI"I[micro]I[sup.3]I[acute accent]I'I[sup.1]I[sup.1].
IAE MSF OCII'I[acute accent]I[acute accent] I[cedilla]IOAII[sup.1]I[c]I[sup.1], OcOeI" I'IIAII[sup.3]I[acute accent]I'I[sup.1]I[acute accent] I'I II"OuIAI[sup.1]OeII[c]Oi I OuI[sup.1]OCI[sup.1]I OuI[bar]I"I- IyI[sup.3]I[c]I[sup.1]II[acute accent] IOiI[c]I" OaOuOeOCI"I[acute accent]I'I" II"I OuI[bar]II-I[sup.1], I[c]I"OAI[c]OiI'OiI-I[sup.1] IAOCI[acute accent]I[cedilla]I[sup.1]I[sup.3]I[acute accent]I'OeOa IiI[sup.1]OCI[sup.1]I[sup.1] IaeIOeIOCOa I...OuII[sup.3]Oa.
IAE I'I[acute accent]I[bar]I"OeI"OCOiOa OCI"OuOuI[sup.1]I OuI[bar]I[sup.1]Oa OuOCI[acute accent]I[sup.3]OuOeIIOa I-IOuOuI"II"I I[sup.1]I'OaI"OCI-IOaI[sup.1]I[sup.1], I OcIOuOeI'I"OuOeI[sup.1] I'I OeI[acute accent]I[c]I[acute accent]I[bar]II'II[c]IOa A1/2IaI"OuOuI[sup.1]OAe I[sup.1] IaIaeIU IAI"OAII[sup.1]I[c]I[sup.1]OuOi IIOuI"I[c]OAOeI'I" I'I[acute accent] OuI"I"OeII[acute accent]OeOuOeIOaOAOeI[sup.1]I[acute accent] OuI"I"IOeI[acute accent]I'I[sup.1]OA I" IAOCI"I[sup.1]OuOeI[acute accent]OuOeII[sup.1]I[sup.1], IAOCI"I[sup.1]I[cedilla]I"OeI[acute accent]I[sup.3]OeI[acute accent]I- 7 I[sup.1]OAI[c]OA 2011 II"I[sup.3]I I OCII I"I'I[acute accent] II"OCI"I[sup.3]I I...III[sup.3]II' (IoOaOCI[bar]I-I[acute accent]I'I[sup.1]OuOeII').
Baudelaire's well-known discussion of "fantaisie" (in his Salon de 1859, OCII, 608-80) clearly identifies openness and ubiquity as prose-poetical qualities rendering the genre vulnerable, and therefore dangerous, because easily contaminated by the interpreter: "Elle [...]est la premier venue souillee par le premier venu" (OCI, 645).
eam tamen aggredi decrevi quod actis jam fere tredecim annis quibus juris utriusque professionem aggressus nullo nec alearum lusu nec allio quovis ocii sive delectorum genere impeditus, videbar plurimorum opinioni nec me satisfacere posse si licentiae gradum consequi pro viribus minime conarer.
IUOCI[acute accent]I[sup.3]I[sup.1]Oe IOaI[sup.3]I[acute accent]Oe IAOCI[acute accent]I[sup.3]I"OuOeIII"I[acute accent]I' OuOCI"I[bar]I"I- I'I 32 II"I[sup.3]I, II[bar]I"OAOcIOA 8 I"I[acute accent]Oe I"OiII"OeI'I"II" IAI[acute accent]OCI[sup.1]I"I[sup.3]I Ou IAOCI"OaI[acute accent]I'OeI'I"I OuOeIII[bar]I"I - 1 % II"I[sup.3]I"IOiOa I[sup.1] 1,5% II"I[sup.3]I"IOiOa IAI"OuI"I[acute accent] I"I[bar]I"I'OcII'I[sup.1]OA I"OiII"OeI'I"II" IAI[acute accent]OCI[sup.1]I"I[sup.3]I.