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OCIPOwner Controlled Insurance Programs
OCIPOrange County Investment Pool (California)
OCIPOrange County Industrial Plastics
OCIPOffensive Capability Improvement Program
OCIPOn-Campus Interview Program (law school admissions)
OCIPOwner Contractor Insurance Program
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Under an OCIP, all parties are "wrapped up" into one policy.
The advantage of an OCIP is that there are no liability gaps if all of the contractors are registered.
An OCIP delivers several benefits, including reduced insurance costs.
The OCIP program provided the UTA with budget surpluses that supplied funding for insurance programs as well as direct control over their loss prevention program.
Regardless of where Phillips products are produced (MC), consumers may also associate them with the Netherlands (OC), thus triggering OCI and OCIP which are defined as MCI and MCIP, respectively, but for the OC country.
Then, for an OCIP that wasn't going well--Hernandez provided assistance too, even though another brokerage firm originally placed it.
Amish in the City Amos and Rebecca are Amish teenagers who try to find OCIP coverage for a barn raising that they are planning in inner-city Detroit.
OCIP is very comprehensive and even extends to the workman's compensation program, but it does not totally relieve the contractor from all insurance requirements.
Determine final Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) insurance cost and obtain the OCIP E.
Researching OCIP (owner-controlled insurance programs) for architect and engineer professional liability.