OCIROrange County International Raceway (1967-1983; Irvine, California)
OCIROperational Capability Improvement Request
OCIROut of Commission in Reserve
OCIROffice of Community and Intergovernmental Relations
OCIROther Criminal Intelligence Requirement
OCIROverall Channel Impulse Response
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4, 2008) (noting that before 1978 the Offices des Cultures Industrielles du Rwanda (OCIR) was responsible for both the coffee and tea sectors.
See The Role Of OCIR Coffee In The Coffee Industry, WORLD INVESTMENT NEWS, available at http://www.winne.com/rwandaJto 13.html/to000.html (last visited Sept.
Alex Kanyankole, director-general of Ocir, Rwanda's tea authority, says: "We want to create a Rwanda tea brand, well packaged from here and which will directly be targeting niche markets that offer premium prices."
With OCIR the recording layer is on top of the substrate, as in a hard disk.
Because the overcoat used in OCIR allows the lens to be positioned much closer to the recording surface, it is possible to use a higher numerical aperture lens and achieve much higher data densities, significantly increasing capacity and performance.
It is exactly for this reason, Butera says, that OCIR Tea was shifted from Minicom to Minagri early last year, and why there is a mass campaign to maintain quality while production is increased.
Currently there are 11 tea factories in Rwanda, which are all monitored for quality by OCIR Tea.
"Look and believe," he replies, gesturing towards a plaque on the wall of his office which certifies that Ocir The has been selected to receive the Seventh International European Award for Quality.
Ocir The tea taster Bill Cooksey adds, "We constantly receive praise for our teas, and this encourages Ocir The to produce the highest qualities all the time.
Strict tea control in the field and during the tea processing at the ten Ocir The tea factories scattered all over the country constitutes one factor explaining the excellent quality of Rwanda tea, according to Fulgence Rukaka, who is responsible for the Production Department at Ocir The.
Since the 1970s, Ocir The plants only selected varieties that yield high-quality tea.
Ocir The, which in 1992 harvested some 13,405 tonnes on 11,000 hectares, intends to double production by the year 2000.