OCJTPOffice of Correctional Job Training and Placement
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OCJTP followed up with teams requesting brief updates on the progress of their action plans and their efforts to improve offender work force development in their home states.
In conjunction with the program-focus document, OCJTP is designing materials especially for use in a career center.
For more information about offender work force development, training or to order the job retention or offender employment specialist videotapes free of charge, visit the OCJTP Web page at www.
For example, more than 500 practitioners completed a wide-ranging, exploratory job retention survey administered by OCJTP.
OCJTP will use what it learns through the practitioner survey and the Job Retention Project not only to develop curriculum and deliver training to increase the skill level of the field regarding retention, but also to make recommendations for promising job retention approaches and initiatives.
OCJTP recently co-sponsored a forum with the Safer Foundation for administrators of offender job training and placement programs.
OCJTP is working with the National Association of Work Force Development Professionals (NAWDP) to gain its endorsement for all NIC curriculum related to offender employment development and placement - Its offender employment specialist training and the new work force development corrections specialist training.
Agencies included receive periodic mailings of publications and announcements from OCJTP.
A copy of the NIC Service Plan for Fiscal Year 1999, which includes application requirements and forms, or the OCJTP bibliography can be obtained from the NIC Information Center (1-800-877-1461) or downloaded from its Web site: www.
Early on, OCJTP focused on forging working relationships with various federal agencies that would support offender job training and placement programs.
The OCJTP clearinghouse, contained within the NIC Information Center in Longmont, Colo.