OCMPOpen Call Media Platform
OCMPOregon Coastal Management Program
OCMPOff-Campus Meal Plan (various schools)
OCMPOpenCall Media Platform (Hewlett-Packard)
OCMPOcean County Memorial Park (cemetery; Toms River, NJ)
OCMPOhio Corn Marketing Program
OCMPO'Carroll Music Publishers
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Your direct involvement and your superior leadership are just two more aspects of the focused OCMP approach and are the backbone of the ECSS transformational effort.
The OCM Team, capitalizing on years of logistics and IT experience, has designed the OCMP to build these bridges; however, you, as individuals, are the most important link to controlling the predictable chaos.
Also, some restaurants will package special deals just for OCMP customers that can save them money over regular prices.
"A burger, fries and soda may be $7.50 or $7 (on the regular menu), but they'll package it for OCMP students because they love the business, they love the influx of students.'
She signed on with OCMP to help build her student customer base.
"It's aimed primarily at the off-campus student," he said of OCMP. "Our focus is on the 3,000 students who live in the halls.
But for the off-campus student, OCMP does what the residence hall meal plans do, which is make certain that money allotted for food doesn't get spent on iTunes downloads, new shoes or beer.