OCMROsteomielite Cronica Multifocale Ricorrente (Italian: Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis)
OCMROrange County Module Railroaders (California)
OCMROberlin College Mailroom
OCMROn-Condition Maintenance Rate
OCMROptical Communications Mainframe Rackmount
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A key component of our work is the immobilization of nucleic acids on substrate (sensor) surfaces which is funded by the OCMR. This area is often a weak component of biosensor development, whatever the nature of the device concerned.
Characterization of the silane films and immobilized nucleic acids is performed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) at the OCMR facility at the University of Toronto which provides film thickness and chemical information of the modified surfaces.
The work has been led by Warren Baker with the support of OCMR and the Ontario ministry of environment and energy.
Its focus is materials research and through it was created the Ontario Centre for Materials Research (OCMR).
Sherman, manager), funded by NRC, NSERC, the Ontario Centre for Materials Research (OCMR), and the University of Western Ontario (UWO), and operated by UWO scientists - (G.M.
2), with its double crystal monochromator (DCM) was funded by the Ontario Centre for Material Research (OCMR) in 1987.
Monochromatic photons from 20 eV to 4000 eV are available on a grazing incidence monochromator beamline (funded by NSERC and NRC), and a double crystal monochromator beamline (funded by the Ontario Centre for Materials Research (OCMR)), while a third beamline gives filtered unmonochromatized SR for imaging and tomography studies.
The advent of the Ontario Centre for Materials Research (OCMR) with one of the five programme areas in biomaterials has provided sophisticated surface analysis facilities (eg.
Research funding comes from NSERC., OCMR, MRCO and software license fees.
Many U of T faculty are associated with the Ontario Centre for Materials Research (OCMR), of which James Guillet, FCIC, was a founding member and first programme leader of the Polymers and Composites Group.