OCOCOne Church One Child (various locations)
OCOCOxford Church of Christ (est. 1889; formerly Oak Grove Church; Oxford, MS)
OCOCOld Colony Obedience Club
OCOCOur Children, Our Communities (Calaveras County, CA)
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1212 34534 ANAN.GONGO (Madagascar), BOBO.GONGO (island--Indonesia), CACA.HENHE (hill--Mozambique), GAGA.GANGA (Tanzania), HIHI.KAEKA (to tangle up--Haw), JAJA.PAMPA (spur--Peru), LILI.YALYA (Russia), MAMA.CANCA (mountain--Peru), OCOC.HICHI (Mexico), SOSO.PAMPA (Peru), TOTO.BAMBA (Peru), ZOZO.COLCO (Mexico)
The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCOC) came out with a policy decision stating they were supporting a regional initiative.
Greer wrote his opera for the entire OCOC chorus--about 60 children--with Ann Cooper Gay conducting the Gemini Chamber Ensemble.
Third, the One Code, One Character (OCOC) doctrine, i.e., every code should have only one corresponding character and vice versa, is obviously desirable.
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