OCODOrange Can of Death (oil filters)
OCODOrganization for Cooperation in Overseas Development (Canada)
OCODOld City Oil Drippers (St Augustine, FL, VW club)
OCODOffice of Communication, Outreach and Development (US FDA)
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Oxymorphone (OMOR) and Oxycodone (OCOD) derivatives unresolved on 5% Phenyl Column
Figure 4 shows the relevant SIM for oxycodone (OCOD) hydroxyl-imino tri-methyl silyl derivatives along with the resolved common oxymorphone (OMOR) shared ion.
Where separation of OMOR and OCOD derivatives are necessary, the Agilent J&W DB-35ms UI column is the preferred choice with the selectivity and inertness to chromatographically resolve this difficult pair.