OCOOOffice of the Chief Operating Officer (various organizations)
OCOOOther Costs of Organization
OCOOOsteopathic College of Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology
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Ocoo, available in two berry flavors, takes its name from cocoon, which represents transformation, from a gray sac to a beautiful butterfly.
1.34 (d, 3H; [CH.sub.3]), 4.17 (2H; [CH.sub.2]CH), 5.00 (1H; [CH.sub.2]CH); [C.sup.13] NMR ([delta] [C.sub.6][D.sub.6]), 16.6 ([CH.sub.3]), 69.5 ([CH.sub.2]CH), 73.0 ([CH.sub.2]CH), 155.7 (OCOO).