OCPAOpen Content Platform Association
OCPAOffice Cantonal des Personnes Âgées
OCPAObservatory of Cultural Policies in Africa
OCPAOklahoma Council of Public Affairs
OCPAOffice of the Commissioner for Public Appointments (UK)
OCPAOntario Concrete Pipe Association
OCPAOffice of the Chief of Public Affairs
OCPAOrange County People for Animals
OCPAOverseas Chinese Physics Association
OCPAOntario Corn Producers' Association
OCPAOntario Corn Producers' Association (Canada)
OCPAOffice of the Coalition Provisional Authority (US government; formerly Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance)
OCPAOrange County Property Appraiser
OCPAOffice for the Commissioner for Public Appointments (UK government)
OCPAOregon Council of Police Associations
OCPAOrange County Paralegal Association
OCPAOhio Crime Prevention Association
OCPAOffice of Communications and Public Affairs
OCPAOhio College Personnel Association
OCPAOrdway Center for the Performing Arts (Saint Paul, MN)
OCPAOpen Contents Platform Association
OCPAOrange County Psychological Association
OCPAOregon Coast Photographers' Association
OCPAOffice of the Chief Public, Affairs
OCPAOsceola County Property Appraiser (Florida)
OCPAOrange County Playwrights Alliance (Orange County, California)
OCPAOklahoma Collegiate Press Association
OCPAOregon Conservatory of Performing Arts (Medford, OR)
OCPAOffice, Chief of Public Affairs
OCPAOffice of Congressional and Public Affairs
OCPAOffice of Coalition Provisional Authority
OCPAOiseau Club du Pays d'Aix
OCPAOcean County Police Academy (Lakewood, NJ)
OCPAOrlando Chinese Professionals Association
OCPAOrlando Chinese Professionals Association (Florida)
OCPAOklahoma Council on Public Affairs
OCPAOffice for Public Appointments (UK)
OCPAl'Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé
OCPAOntario Consumer Protection Act
OCPAOkinawa Center for Peace Assistance
OCPAOregon Chiropractic Physicians' Association
OCPAOrange Chinned Parakeet
OCPAOrnamental Concrete Producers Association
OCPAO-Chlorophenylacetic Acid
OCPAOntario Center for the Performing Arts
OCPAOffice of the Civilian Provisional Authority
OCPAOrthopaedic Consultants PA
OCPAOptically Controlled Phased-array Antenna
OCPAOffice of the Coalition Provision Authority
OCPAOhio Curriculum Professionals Association
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Jett said the OCPA's challenge of the initiative petition is based on two grounds, the first being that the petition would unconstitutionally delegate legislative authority away from Oklahoma and give it to the federal government.
Jeff comes to OCPA from nearby Arbor Ridge K-8 School in Orlando where he served as Assistant Principal.
OCPA concrete pipe design manual, Ontario Concrete pipe association.
(164) The CLD assistance could include requesting more victim/witness support, preparing press releases for OCPA, or asking PP&TO to find DC or TC qualified to handle the case.
As OCPA is also responsible for maintaining the Army social media registry, it apparently has taken the lead on developing policy and monitoring how social media is used in the Army.
Figures 1 and 2 (below) show OCPA and CEPA distribution by type of industry in Texas in 2005.
According to OCPA, by employing the Guide, NCOs are arming themselves with the same unified message and tools for delivering that message as their leaders.
The Independent OCPA have also amended the Code which now reads 'Ministers will wish to balance boards in terms of diversity of skills and experience
The coalition is called CPA for short, but one Baghdad correspondent wryly noted, "The correct acronym should be OCPA, as in 'We oc'pa your goddamn country.'"
In March 2003, the JPSD project office was asked by the Office of Coalition and Provisional Authority (OCPA), based in Baghdad, to provide a semi-deployable headquarters and three first-responder vehicles for interim transitional civil assistance.
CDR Kevin Waskow, SPAWAR San Diego to OCPA Baghdad as Comptroller
And like Saddam did, the staff at OCPA can easily ignore the myriad of problems a few hundred yards from their air-conditioned offices.