OCPPOregon Center for Public Policy
OCPPOrganic Crop Producers and Processors (now Pro-Cert Organic Systems, Ltd.; Canada)
OCPPOrbiter Cloud Photopolarimeter (Pioneer)
OCPPOriginal Ceiling Priority Protocol (RTOS scheduling)
OCPPOffice of Career Planning and Placement (various universities)
OCPPOhio Conference for Payroll Professionals
OCPPOpen Counter Promenade Position (dance)
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Options available include OCPP via WiFi or 4G LTE connection, and RFID access control.
OCPP will enable the community to focus on one large multiyear "sectoralized" project with built-in ME (monitoring and evaluation) framework.
According to the company, its Terra charge stations are the first DC chargers to offer compatibility with OCPP. Compatibility with such protocols allows service operators to connect Epyon Terra charge stations in the field with their centralised back office, enabling real-time user authentication and authorisation.
The company is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Singapore and was the first to introduce open standards-based charging using the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) to site hosts, network operators and EV drivers in North America and the Asia Pacific regions.
Partly or largely as a result of that, the report says, "For more than three decades, income gains [including profits from investments] have bypassed most Oregonians and flowed primarily to those at the top of the income scale." In 2013, the OCPP said, the wealthiest 1 percent of Oregonians made an average of $770,000 per year, more than double their inflation-adjusted income in 1979, while the median household income in Oregon was $32,537, about $1,500 more than in 1979.
The campaign to defeat Measure 67 said on its Web site that the OCPP study failed to point out that those 31 companies accounted for just 3 percent of the large companies making more than $1 million that year.
In spite of the OCPP criticism, Shotola said the tax credits are good for Oregon because they help bring revenue to the state.