OCPPOregon Center for Public Policy
OCPPOrganic Crop Producers and Processors (now Pro-Cert Organic Systems, Ltd.; Canada)
OCPPOrbiter Cloud Photopolarimeter (Pioneer)
OCPPOriginal Ceiling Priority Protocol (RTOS scheduling)
OCPPOffice of Career Planning and Placement (various universities)
OCPPOhio Conference for Payroll Professionals
OCPPOpen Counter Promenade Position (dance)
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OCPP will enable the community to focus on one large multiyear "sectoralized" project with built-in ME (monitoring and evaluation) framework.
In 2013, the OCPP said, the wealthiest 1 percent of Oregonians made an average of $770,000 per year, more than double their inflation-adjusted income in 1979, while the median household income in Oregon was $32,537, about $1,500 more than in 1979.
The OCPP said Oregon lawmakers need to confront the issue of income inequality and make "significant changes in public policy to once again allow the typical Oregonian to experience economic progress.
With OCPP, Delta chargers can easily integrate with the back office of charging station operators without additional system integration efforts.
The OCPP estimates that from 1989 to 2002, taxes paid by the lowest-income fifth of Oregon families grew by 2.
In the rough and tumble of state politics and lobbying, OCPP works hard to elbow its way up to the negotiating table.
In those years of going up against pro-business, anti-tax political opponents who were well armed with research-heavy white papers, Sheketoff developed an appreciation for what is now the OCPP motto, "Because facts matter.
The OCPP has put out reports on topics ranging from welfare and the minimum wage to capital gains and inheritance taxes.
Sheketoff came up with the idea for the OCPP at a time in the mid-1990s when liberals at the national level were recognizing that they had fallen behind conservatives at the state level in the arms race over public policy.
If Bush's team is "simply trying to sell more tax cuts and a failed economic policy, then I doubt many Oregonians will be interested in buying what they are selling," said Jeff Thompson, an economist with OCPP.