OCPSOrange County Public Schools (Florida)
OCPSOperational Camouflage Pattern (US Army)
OCPSOsceola County Public Schools (Florida)
OCPSOntario College of Physicians and Surgeons
OCPSOptical Coarse Packet Switching
OCPSOpen Cycle Propulsion System
OCPSOrthogonal Complementary Pair of Sequence
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(20) First generation progestins are no longer used in the United States and, thus, the long held belief that OCPs are harmful to the voice has been refuted.
The service will fully transition to OCPs by April 1, 2021.
"Cost" can mean the cost of OCPs, menstrual control products, backup contraception, failed or unwanted pregnancy management, or suffering lost wages from missed days of work from, for example, dysmenorrhea.
"Working with OCPS since we launched the 1 Million Project with them last year has been such a positive experience that when the opportunity arose to expand the program, we jumped at the chance to help these very deserving students from Puerto Rico," said Doug Michelman, president of Sprint's 1 Million Project.
Studies had been done to investigate OCPs residues in different kinds of food including milk and other dairy products worldwide.
To improve yield, farmers are using a large amount of OCPs during the entire period of vegetable cultivation, even at the fruiting stage.
DDT and Lindane (g-hexachlorocyclohexane) were the major OCPs that have been ubiquitously used in developing nations (4).
It has been shown that use of OCPs were associated with HPV infection as out of total positive cases, 50% were using OCPs and 7% were using condoms.
Different classes of pesticides OPPs, OCPs, pyrethroids and CBs etc.
For example, high variation in the levels of OCPs, PBDEs, and PCBs were observed in wild skipjack (Ueno et al.
(18) However, policy initiatives may be influenced by delicate factors such as political changes and preferences; hence, it is necessary to monitor prospectively and retrospectively the physical activity considerations contained within OCPs.