OCPWOliver Chilled Plow Works (Indiana)
OCPWOffice of the Chief of Psychological Warfare (US DoD)
OCPWOverlay Co-Planar Waveguide
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Acronyms: C1H = upper canine height; C1L = upper canine anteroposterior length; COM3 = condyle to M3; JL = jaw length; OCPW = occipital width; SL = skull length; TFL = temporal fossa length; TRL = tooth row length; ZAW = zygomatic arch width; JH = jaw height; MFL = masseteric fossa length; MAT = moment arm of temporalis; PC, principal component.
On 15 January 1951, the Army formally recognized the Office of the Chief of Psychological Warfare (OCPW)--the first organization of its time with a mission to formulate and develop psychological warfare and special operations plans, according to the book Major General Robert McClure, Forgotten Father of U.S.
Peninsular state of Qatar on an occupancy cost per workstation (OCPW) basis.
had obligated about $585 million and committed more than $1.7 billion toward Russia's chemical weapons destruction." The year-long GAO study also reports that Russia's weapons destruction program "may be further complicated by Russia's definition of destruction, which differs from that of the United States" and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OCPW), which monitors the weapons destruction process.
Moreover, the Conference of States Parties Convention recognized the "negative consequences of the late payment of assessed contributions on the operational activities" of the OCPW in a December 2009 statement.