OCSEAPOuter Continental Shelf Environment Assessment Program
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Coast Guard ships from 1975 to 1980); 3) an OCSEAP dedicated summer vessel cruise in 1980; and 4) POP observers on NOAA or other ships.
The earliest systematic survey accounts of harbor porpoise in Cook Inlet occurred during OCSEAP studies in 1974-78 (e.
A 1993 MMS study compared heavy metal concentrations to results obtained during OCSEAP studies conducted in the late 1970's and found "no immediate evidence of heavy metal pollution in Cook Inlet" (ENRI (25)).
Boulder, Colorado: Bureau of Land Management, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and OCSEAP.
The marine biological program at Montlake began to recover about 1975-76 with the new responsibilities and funding made available from OCSEAP and the enactment of the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976.