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OCTANEOptimal Combination Therapy after Nevirapine Exposure (HIV study)
OCTANEOpen Contracting TransActions in the New Economy (business applications; EU project)
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Egypt currently has 80 octane petrol, which is sold at EGP 3.
He explained that the people will benefit from these new prices as the new revenues will be allocated to social missions and that Venezuela subsidized high octane gasoline that was not used properly.
Icon had alleged that Octane infringed on Icon's patent, which covers an elliptical machine designed to minimize floor space and allow for adjustable stride length.
com/mobiles/news/karbonn-titanium-octane-titanium-octane-plus-titanium-hexa-smartphones-launched-497393) reports , Karbonn Titanium Hexa, Titanium Octane and Octane Plus are priced a[sup.
Running a low compression engine (used in regular automobile) on high octane fuel has no benefits.
Around 74 per cent of cars in Bahrain are Japanese and 63pc of them are designed to run on regular fuel which contains 90-91 octane.
IDC research has shown a growing demand for high-performance deskside supercomputers, and the new Octane III personal supercomputer is designed to directly address the requirements of both the entry level HPC technical server market and the desktop workstation market with a high-performance cluster designed to help close the gap between the desktop and the data center," said Earl Joseph, HPC Program Vice President at IDC.
Increases power output by seven per cent: Average power output on standard unleaded was 235bhp rising to 252bhp on 99 Octane cuts petrol bills by more than seven per cent: 2,063 litres of 95 octane fuel required per 10,000 miles, but only 1,818 litres of 99 Octane
The concentration of peroxide in octane was also determined after the extraction of 2-5 mL of the sample with water solution of titanium sulphate.
eConvergent selected Octane based on the product's next-generation Internet-native architecture, which delivers the scalability, flexibility and openness required to support a rapidly growing client base of multiple users across multiple companies.
The "octane pool" deficit can be made up by either boosting octane through the use of other high-octane components or by reducing the octane appetite of the engine.