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OCTANEOptimal Combination Therapy after Nevirapine Exposure (HIV study)
OCTANEOpen Contracting TransActions in the New Economy (business applications; EU project)
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Hossam Arafat, head of the General Division of Petroleum Products at the Chambers of Commerce, denied what has been recently circulating regarding the Ministry of Petroleum plans to launch the octane 87 petrol in November.
"With the acquisition of these technologies, KBR now offers expanded Octane solutions including isomerization of C4, C5, C6 and C7 streams in refineries," said John Derbyshire, president, KBR Technology Solutions.
Isomerisation of C5 and C6 streams is practiced to improve the octane rating of light straight run naphtha.
00 per litre, Petrol 95 Octane by Rs 5.00 and Super Diesel by Rs 5.
For decades, knock resistance has been captured with research octane number (RON), motor octane number (MON), and the anti-knock index (AKI) [15].
"Octane will be focusing on quality of delivery and training of IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) in ACT.
Comparing alkylate and Euro-4 quality gasoline, Euro-4 and premium gas have octane ratings of 91 and 95 respectively.
Price of Super Diesel and octane 95 petrol has not been increased.
The company says that the chemical engineering expertise at its Innovation Centre in Westbury, Quebec, allowed it to successfully develop a process that utilises its proprietary waste-to-biofuel technology to produce a new biofuel with a Research Octane Number (RON) of up to 112.
They emphasised that methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT) was being used across the world in countries that had octane deficiency.
UK-based Octane Capital has said that it has appointed Dan Tyson as its credit manager.
Featuring all-new photography of some of "the biggest, baddest machines from some of the world's most incredible collections," Octane's Farmall calendar doesn't overlook the beauty of rural America as it captures exceptional collectible tractors.