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OCTAVEOperationally Critical Threat, Asset and Vulnerability Evaluation (software; Software Engineering Institute; Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA)
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There were continual outbursts, melodies, unexpected cadences, then simple phrases strewn with aerial and hissing notes; then floods of scales which would have put a nightingale to rout, but in which harmony was always present; then soft modulations of octaves which rose and fell, like the bosom of the young singer.
Dede Antanas is asleep, and so are the Szedvilases, husband and wife, the former snoring in octaves. There is Teta Elzbieta, and Marija, sobbing loudly; and then there is only the silent night, with the stars beginning to pale a little in the east.
Presently there arose a prolonged wail, slurring up through two octaves, and subsiding again.
In 2013, Octave was the "best in class" mixed voice choir at the Glasgow Music Festival.
Tickets for the "Octave GLO and Sin9!" shows are priced PS12/PS13 and available by calling Shona Fisher on 01698 721607 or emailing her at shona.fisher2@mail.com; or from the GLO bookshop on Motherwell's Muir Street.
Their research revealed that Axl Rose has been able to cover five octaves from F1 to B?6 over the course of his career.
"Sierra Wireless" and "Octave" are trademarks of Sierra Wireless.
Elgin OCTAVE is a grass-roots group of citizens dedicated to individual freedom and economic opportunity through fiscal responsibility in local government.
The Golden Octave feels like an exploration of different types of power, whether it be the power dynamics of a relationship in "Love Me," or lamenting the ways that improperly wielded power can mute and immobilize in "Weight of the World." Each song is couched in Sun Sun's expert production, which ranges from the more electronic, Kraftwerk-inspired beats of "Mirror," to the gentle sitar-sounding notes anchoring "Listen," a beautiful standout duet with Lucas Silveria of The Cliks.
Item Description The overall rms level for each octave band Leq (dB) (referred to as the equivalent sound level for acoustic inputs) Indicates the spectral shape of the received Level Ratio (dB) signal relative to the source signal, normalized to the 1 kHz octave band.
8, we can clearly see that one octave of the outer ring of the bearing fault characteristic frequency is 107.7 Hz, almost the same as the theoretical calculation 107.4 Hz, which can determine that the fault comes from the outer ring pitting failure.