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OCTDOrange County Transit District (California)
OCTDObservation, Conclusion, Temporary Data (telecommunications)
OCTDOverlap Connective Tissue Disease
OCTDOccupational Training and Development (various universities)
OCTDOffice of Collaborative Technology Development (Canada)
OCTDOntario Cultural Training Database (Ontario, Canada)
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been me Octd RIVAL D'ESTRUVAL looks the one to beat here.
Thus, ORA aciduria is observed in patients with ornithine carbamoylasetransferase deficiency (OCTD), an X-linked disorder, and could reveal heterozygosity after a protein load, and in citrullinemia, argininosuccinic aciduria, and argininemia (2, 3).
1B shows two overlaid SRM chromatograms for ORA in urine from a male OCTD patient (1570 [micro]mol/L) and for the IS.