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OCTETOcean Carbon Transport, Exchanges and Transformations
OCTET[not an acronym] a binary digit (byte) comprised of 8 bits
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The originator molecule was characterized using, among other analyses, oligosaccharide mapping, peptide mapping (by MS), size exclusion FTPLC, ion exchange HPLC, hydrophobic interaction HPLC, SDS and IEF capillary electrophoresis, cellbased bioassay (ligand inhibition assay) and OCTET analyses of the binding kinetics of both the Fc and CDR portions of the mAb to their appropriate targets.
October 21 sees Manifestations by Louis Johnson, last year's Liverpool New Composers Competition winner, the programme completed by Stravinski's Octet, Lou Harrison and Morton Feldman.
With an octet called the Blue Stars, she recorded a French version of the jazz standard "Lullaby of Birdland.
They will combine for Mendelssohn's sparkling String Octet, written when the composer was just 16.
The musicians have a chance to show their widest range of expression in the Octet of 1807.
For the common Class C addresses, where the first three octets represent the network address and the last octet represents the host/node number on that network, the subnet mask would be 255.
The panel agreed to pay the octet a pounds 2,297 special responsibility allowance on top of their pounds 15,783 basic pay.
Like so many musical geniuses, Felix Mendelssohn was a child prodigy, producing his famous Octet at the age of sixteen.
Joao Saldanha's Atelier de Coreografia, from Rio de Janeiro, served up an uninspired octet.
This is a choir that can perform as an octet or field a mighty 30-strong singers and they are in Embrace's backyard - at the LBT in Huddersfield - on Wednesday, November 1, at 7.
The 303-room property is three miles from BOS, offers free wireless high-speed Internet access in all rooms, and sports an octet of meeting rooms with views of the Charles River.
The text focuses on the OCTET project, a new model of external intervention and improvement initiated by the central government in 2000 and aimed at schools in some of the most difficult socioeconomic settings in England.