OCTFOne Cycle Trouble Free (nuclear power)
oCTFOpen Capture the Flag (Defcon event)
OCTFOffgas Components Test Facility (Office of Scientific and Technical Information; US Department of Energy)
OCTFOverseas Chinese Tea Foundation
OCTFOrganized Crime Task Force
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OCTF is a state law enforcement agency, founded in 1970.
The four articles that comprise this symposium are revisions of studies that were commissioned by OCTF in furtherance of this analysis.
Will the OCTF be given appropriate backing by the government to go for the Mafia godfathers in Northern Ireland?
Intercepted Conversation of Crime Figure, OCTF 1988:79) Extortion payments are commonly paid to ensure uninterrupted work.
The OCTF seeks to challenge the view that buying fake is harmless.
EXTORTION The OCTF also said "some members of loyalist paramilitary groups" are involved in "extortion, money lending, robbery, contraband, kidnap, drugs and money laundering for extensive personal gain".
The OCTF is seeking up to eight (8) vendors to serve as Regional Prevention Coordinators that will provide administrative support to the eight Regional Prevention Councils to convene meetings and facilitate discussions, for both the council and the workgroups for each region, that will result in the development and implementation of child abuse and child neglect preventio
The OCTF is seeking a vendor to develop a five-year strategic plan and produce a five-year strategic plan report.
Certainly within the OCTF expert group I sit on it is a priority area that we are looking at.
Law enforcement agencies involved in the OCTF have identified the main networks as part of its annual report and threat assessment for the next 12 month The report states: "There are clear indicators that major traffickers are shifting their focus towards cocaine.
After yesterday's OCTF meeting, the Secretary of State Paul Murphy said: "The paramilitaries behind the Northern Bank heist have reached new levels of arrogance.
The Assets Recovery Agency - a partner in the OCTF - led by Alan McQuillan is currently dealing with 26 live investigations.