OCTNOrganised Crime Training Network (Belgium)
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2D = grown on plastic, 2.5D = grown on transwell inserts, 3D = grown in matrigel sandwich, OAT = organic anion transporter, MRP = multidrug resistance protein, OCT = organic cation transporter, CTR1 = copper transporter 1, MATE = multidrug and toxin extrusion protein, OCTN = organic cation/ carnitine transporter, PGP = multidrug resistance protein/[gamma]-glycoprotein, BCRP = breast cancer resistance protein, SGLT = sodium/glucose co-transporter, GLUT1 = glucose transporter 1, CUBN = cubilin, AQP1 = aquaporin 1, GGT1 = y-glutamyltransferase 1, ALPL = alkaline phosphatase, LAP3 = leucine aminopeptidase 3, BF = bright field, RFU = relative fluorescence unit.
Functional variants of OCTN cation transporter genes are associated with Crohn disease.
A second series of functional changes apply to the genic complex named IBD5 (organic cation transport or OCTN): its mutants were shown to cause release of an anomalous carrier unable to sustain the trans-membrane transport of a variety of antigenic items [7].