OCUNAOrganisation of Commonwealth United Nations Associations (UK)
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He inferred that his office opromotes and facilitates results-oriented cooperation between the UN and the KRG organizations both inside and outside KR by serving as the liaison office for UN involvement within KR and anywhere else the Kurdistan culture prevails, including such areas pertaining to Kirkuk and Mosul.o One of the fundamental aspects of OCUNA for Zebari is to omake sure the KRGAEs fair participation with the UN is secured.o Furthermore, OCUNA assures that the KRG authorityAEs owishes and concerns, both on the political and reconstruction sides, are to be taken into consideration by the UN.o
For diplomatic representation and pursuance of KR interests in the UN establishment of OCUNA was an essential step.
OCUNA recently launched its official Web site for the first time to recognize the efforts of the office and clarify its duties.