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OCVOpen Circuit Voltage
OCVOffshore Construction Vessel
OCVOral Cholera Vaccine
OCVOn-Chip Variation
OCVOptical Character Verification (EnSeal proprietary document authentication technology)
OCVOut-of-Country Voting
OCVOrganic Cotton Velour (product feature)
OCVOfficial Calfhood Vaccination
OCVOn Command Video Corporation (various locations)
OCVOil Control Valve (automotive engines)
OCVOffensive Combat Value (gaming, Hero System 5th Edition)
OCVOpen Crankcase Ventilation
OCVOffice of the County Veterinarian (California)
OCVOld Aircraft Carrier (US Navy)
OCVOne Character Victory (fighting games)
OCVOxford Conservation Volunteers (est. 1977)
OCVOutput Circuit Voltage
OCVOrder of Consecrated Virgins (Roman Catholic religious order)
OCVOverland Camping Vehicle (Australia and New Zealand)
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A post about the dogs being put to sleep should they fail to be adopted by June 18 garnered almost 12,000 reactions, with netizens calling the OCV 'inhumane.'
Most of the adopted dogs are puppies but the OCV lamented that the adoption rate for other dogs is very low.
In order to develop OCV for these languages, according to AbdelAziz, they simply need to be introduced to established English or Latin language OCV technologies.
[V.sub.R1C1] = [V.sub.R2C2] = 0) the OCV and terminal voltage are similar ([V.sub.t] = OCV).
"These OCV campaigns are critical for preventing recurrent cholera outbreaks in endemic areas," said Wamala Joseph, Epidemiologist at World Health Organization (WHO) South Sudan.
The surveys assessed diarrhea and acute respiratory infection (ARI)-associated morbidity in children aged 6-59 months and care-seeking behaviors of parents or caregivers for those children with diarrhea or ARI-associated morbidity, as well as receipt of at least one OCV dose in all persons aged [greater than or equal to] 1 year.
When OCV (and a host of other measures) are recorded, there is a Iot that can be gleaned in the data.
The vaccine's first successful field trials were conducted at icddr,b in the 1980s, and today, our scientists are drawing on decades of institutional knowledge to execute the second-largest OCV campaign ever conducted.
This integration ensures that the LDRA tool suite will support organizations that must demonstrate process compliance, particularly for applications where complete OCV must be realized to meet the highest levels of safety certification as required under the DO-178B/C Level A safety-assurance standard.
The most accurate method for obtaining the OCV is the "voltage relaxation" procedure [8].
As shown in Figure 14(a), the accuracy of SOC estimated by OCV method is low, but it can get accurate initial value of SOC when vehicle is just starting up and battery cells were in static conditions.