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OCXOOven Controlled Crystal Oscillator
OCXOOven Compensated Crystal Oscillator
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Exhibit 35: FSIH OCXO Cover Internal (L) and Shielding Internal (R)
Mancini, "Precision Frequency Generation Utilizing OCXO and Rubidium Atomic Standards with Applications for Commercial, Space, Military, and Challenging Environments," IEEE Long Island Chapter, 2004
These 2000 series oscillators from Raltron are miniature OCXO in standard 14-pin DIP packages.
LOs are directly locked to the 100 MHz OCXO reference oscillator.
Therefore, a high frequency (100 MHz) and highly stable OCXO is selected as reference, which has a very low absolute PN profile.
Alternatively, an on-board, low noise 10 MHz oven-controlled oscillator (OCXO) can be used as the frequency reference.
Connor-Winfield's (Aurora, IL) Xenith TBR (Model KTS500) is an OCXO based enclosed GPS disciplined clock and timing device for DVB, DAB, wireless communication infrastructures, time-stamping, or any other critical timing applications.
The internal OCXO or rubidium standard is designed for low phase noise and good stability.
A stable temperature-compensated 100MHz reference (OCXO) ensures minimal drift, but it can be phase-locked to almost any stable external reference in a range from 1 MHz to 250 MHz.
The platform offers excellent stability, phase noise, jitter and aging performance and enables MEMS-based OCXO, TCXO and VCXO products for Telecom, Networking, Wireless and Storage applications.