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OCamlObjective Caml
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Minsky says that by catching bugs, OCaml's type system allows Jane Street's coders to focus on loftier problems.
To make it worse, OCaml, more than most other programming languages, traffics in a kind of deep abstract math far beyond most coders.
Polymorphic recursion as introduced by Mycroft [1984] is not needed to type-check the source OCaml language, but is desirable to enhance the precision of our exception analyzer.
Currently, our analyzer implements all extensions described in Section 4 except objects.(5) The analyzer is compiled with the OCaml 2.00 native-code compiler and runs on a Pentium II 333MHz workstation under Linux.
Relative Sizes of Byte Codes for Fibonacci Function Language Size (bytes) Emacs Lisp (v19.34) 617 Java 370 OCAML (v1.03) 294 Sprocket 91 Spanner (hand optimized) 51 The byte code file from Emacs Lisp includes comments and additional error-checking code.
PHP as well as many other languages such as Go, Haskell, Ocaml. It is free to users happy to share their content and just $8 per month for those who wish to keep their work private.
lines (.ml) lines (.mli) CamlTk 10080 4596 Coq 69571 9054 Ensemble 27747 6842 MMM 15645 2967 OCaml Libs 8521 4746 OCaml Progs 27069 3872 Camltk, written at Inria-Roquencourt, is a collection of mainly stub functions providing an interface to the Tk toolkit.