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OCamlObjective Caml
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One wonders if they have internalized the system's constant nagging over time, so that OCaml has become a kind of Newspeak that makes it impossible to think bad thoughts.
Although many stochastic taggers have been made available to the community for scientific purposes during the years--for example, the TnT tagger (Brants 2000) and its open source reimplementation made in OCaml programming language, named HunPos (Halacsy et al.
He overviews the OCaml installation process and the interactive OCaml interpreter as a framework for exploring the language's syntax, semantics, and types.
html>; Barak Pearlmutter, OCAML QPL Issue (8 March 2003) Debian-Legal Mailing List <http://lists.
The OCaml class language interferes very little with the exception analysis.