ODABOcclusive Disease of the Aortic Bifurcation
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Thus, also listed in Table 2 for each plasticizer are their equivalent weights, the actual concentration (wt%) at which each plasticizer was used, and the ratio, ODAB (stearate) moieties/ionic group.
In contrast to this behavior, the modulus dropped rather sharply at lower temperatures, i.e., 100-250 [degrees] C, for the films containing ODAB derivatives.
The higher glassy and rubbery plateau moduli seen in samples containing the HCl and MSA salts of ODAB appear to be typical of block copolymer ionomer samples that possess near-equilibrium morphologies as a result of ionic plasticization and/or solution casting under optimized conditions (10).
As shown in Table 2, the most effective compounds tended to be the smaller organic acid salts of ODAB such as methane sulfonic or p-toluenesulfonic.