ODALEOffice of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement
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McKenzie Odale had 26 assists and Kendall Cygan had 22 assists for the Utes (12-12, 3-8 Pac-12), and Chelsey Schofield had nine kills and 17 digs.
Wetmore (Black Dionysus) has argued that "the non-specific ethnicity of the characters in Odale's Choice reflect a Caribbean more than an African sensibility" (217).
In Odale's Choice Creon's tyrannical rule in the unnamed city (Thebes in Sophocle's play) led to an insurgency that involves Taiwa, his nephew and brother to Odale (Antigone).
Utah was led by Eric Redd with 12 kills, Abby Simmons with 14 assists and McKenzie Odale with 13 assists.