ODAPOn Demand Address Pool
ODAPOntario Drug Awareness Partnership (Ontario, Canada)
ODAPOffice of Drug and Alcohol Programs (Pennsylvania and California)
ODAPOrbital Data Acquisition Program (USAF)
ODAPOur Devilish Alcoholic Personalities (Edward A. Webster book)
ODAPOfficer Development Action Plan
ODAPOrder of Descendants of Ancient Planters (Virginia)
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No estudo realizado na Laponia, com dados de 5 anos (25) de seguimento de dois grupos de pacientes que tiveram o seu primeiro episodio psicotico, foram comparados dois grupos: um em fase inicial (grupo API, n= 33) e um durante o tratamento (grupo ODAP, n= 42), com completo desenvolvimento da abordagem do Dialogo Aberto.
Seikkula (24) J; Tres comparacoes foram feitas: 1) pacientes tase Alakare, B; inicial de OD (API grupo, n = 22) foram comparados Aaltonen J; com pa-cientes historicamente tratados a mais Holma J.; tempo em Dialogo Aberto (grupo ODAP, Dialogo Rasinkangas, Aberto em aguda psicose, N = 23).
It is often included among underutilized and neglected crops primarily owing to presence of b-N-Oxalyl-L-a,b- diaminopropionic acid (ODAP) in seeds.
Extension of this study in meaningful way will help to accelerate breeding low or zero ODAP cultivars in future.
[F.sub.5] seed from selected rows was analyzed for low levels of ODAP. In 1998, [F.sub.4]--derived lines were sown at Shenton Park, WA, and F6 seed tested for low ODAP levels.
Ceora has low ODAP content in the seed and protein content of about 30%.
With these challenges in mind, Cisco is expanding its widely deployed MPLS VPN solution to include the following four technologies in Cisco IOS Software: Multicast VPNs, NAT and ODAP for MPLS VPNs, and VPN Select.
Both the NAT and ODAP for MPLS VPNs capabilities allow the cost-effective use of service provider resources while ensuring availability of a broad service set to the enterprise client.
Spencer's team and others have been teasing out why ODAP, acting as a glutamate mimic, proves so toxic.
It's these glutamate receptors that ODAP turns on, Spencer's research shows.
The new service provides companies with a plan to convert their VisualWorks database applications to leading object databases; the first partner database in the ODAP is Objectivity/DB.
The neurotoxin ODAP is present at high concentrations ([is greater than] 1.00%) in the seed of some Lathyrus species and heavy consumption can cause paralysis or Lathyrism in humans and animals.