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No estudo realizado na Laponia, com dados de 5 anos (25) de seguimento de dois grupos de pacientes que tiveram o seu primeiro episodio psicotico, foram comparados dois grupos: um em fase inicial (grupo API, n= 33) e um durante o tratamento (grupo ODAP, n= 42), com completo desenvolvimento da abordagem do Dialogo Aberto.
Seikkula (24) J; Tres comparacoes foram feitas: 1) pacientes tase Alakare, B; inicial de OD (API grupo, n = 22) foram comparados Aaltonen J; com pa-cientes historicamente tratados a mais Holma J.; tempo em Dialogo Aberto (grupo ODAP, Dialogo Rasinkangas, Aberto em aguda psicose, N = 23).
It is often included among underutilized and neglected crops primarily owing to presence of b-N-Oxalyl-L-a,b- diaminopropionic acid (ODAP) in seeds.
Extension of this study in meaningful way will help to accelerate breeding low or zero ODAP cultivars in future.
[F.sub.5] seed from selected rows was analyzed for low levels of ODAP. In 1998, [F.sub.4]--derived lines were sown at Shenton Park, WA, and F6 seed tested for low ODAP levels.
Ceora has low ODAP content in the seed and protein content of about 30%.
With these challenges in mind, Cisco is expanding its widely deployed MPLS VPN solution to include the following four technologies in Cisco IOS Software: Multicast VPNs, NAT and ODAP for MPLS VPNs, and VPN Select.
Both the NAT and ODAP for MPLS VPNs capabilities allow the cost-effective use of service provider resources while ensuring availability of a broad service set to the enterprise client.
Spencer's team and others have been teasing out why ODAP, acting as a glutamate mimic, proves so toxic.
It's these glutamate receptors that ODAP turns on, Spencer's research shows.
The new service provides companies with a plan to convert their VisualWorks database applications to leading object databases; the first partner database in the ODAP is Objectivity/DB.
The neurotoxin ODAP is present at high concentrations ([is greater than] 1.00%) in the seed of some Lathyrus species and heavy consumption can cause paralysis or Lathyrism in humans and animals.