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Drawn by the dog's physique, Itay Angel moved to a new place here in Odate city four years ago to breed the Akita dog.
Previous studies on the ascidian Phallusia nigra suggested that it keeps its surface free of fouling organisms by tissue sloughing (Hecht, 1918; Goodbody, 1962), high vanadium concentrations (Stoecker, 1978), and the acidic tunic surface (Stoecker, 1978; 1980; Odate and Pawlik, 2007).
While at the conference, they attended a wide range of seminars by leading thinkers and practitioners in these fields, including noted author and teacher, the master craftsman, Toshio Odate. Odate gave a series of seminars on Japanese tools and the value of craft.
The company filed for bankruptcy in December with total debts of about 80 million yen and the Odate branch of the Akita District Court decided in February to start bankruptcy procedures for the company.
In fact, the curvilinear has alternated with the orthogonal throughout his career, from the voluptuous curve in one of his earliest structures, the PMT building in Nagoya, to the elliptical vaults of the Yatsushiro Municipal Museum, and the Odate sports dome.
His owner is Emiko Sakurada, who runs Pucchin Dog's shop in Odate, northern Japan.
Our current annual production capacity for dialyzers is 30 million units; to double this to 60 million, we have undertaken expansion of our Odate factory.
Shoji are Japanese sliding doors and screens and because of their complex-looking details, many average woodworkers may think their construction beyond the average skills level: not so, maintains Japanese woodworking master Toshio Odate, and his MAKING SHOJI tells how, providing step-by-step construction tips from design specs to verifying levels and measurements.
2000 274 I Izawa, 275 K F ukabori, 276 K Miyamoto, 277 T Suzuki, 279 E Mizoguchi, T Odate, 280 M O'Meara, 281 H Miyase, T Taniguchi, S Higaki, Y Miyazato, 282 Jumbo Ozaki, H Kase, T Y oneyama, T Kanemoto, K Kuboya, J Sluman, Kim Yong-duck, 283 T W atanabe, C-TY eh, M Osanai, 284 B Davis
In 1915, he moved to a junior high school in Odate, northern Japan, and gave lectures on biology, geology and even music.
Police suspect the Odate, Akita Prefecture-based company, which was contracted to do the drilling, was not fully aware that the site was a gas field and did not take adequate safety measures.