ODCBOrtho-Dichlorobenzene (solvent)
ODCBOccupational Deafness Compensation Board (Hong Kong)
ODCBOceanographic Data Centre for BALTEX (Baltic Sea Experiment; Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute)
ODCBOld Dam Community Band (Newburgh, Indiana)
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To estimate the energetics of our PDPP/PCBM system, we can use the data [E.sub.ox] = +0.25 V versus Fc/[Fc.sup.+] in ODCB, [E.sub.red] = -1.07V versus Fc/[Fc.sup.+] in ODCB, and [E.sub.S1] = 1.53eV.
(b) Representative concentration profiles of the species-associated difference spectra (SADS) obtained for the FINE sample (cosolvent is ODCB) using a laser fluence of 12 [micro]J/[cm.sup.2].
Este dispositivo genera reportes utilizando Excel sobre el control de turnos, horas extras, prenomina y opcion para respaldos; utiliza controladores ODCB (Open Data Base Connectivity).