ODCCPUnited Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention
ODCCPOffice of Drug Control and Crime Prevention (UN)
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Costa (that time Executive Director of UN ODCCP) who noted "strong political will and high levels of commitment of member states for a convention against corruption".
New measures are needed and expected,'' Antonio Maria Costa, the executive director of the ODCCP, said.
The ODCCP said the joint survey with the Myanmar government was conducted in Shan State, in which more than 90% of the country's opium poppies are grown.
Last year, Myanmar produced an estimated 1,097 tons of opium poppies, becoming the world's biggest producer, according to the ODCCP.
The Executive Director of the United Nations ODCCP believes -- and his own experience in leading Italy's fight against the corrosive power of the Mafia attests to this -- that the single most important accomplishment in fighting organised crime has been the destruction of the myth of the invincibility of the criminal cartels.
The Global Programme against Money Laundering (GPML) is a research and assistance project located in Vienna, under the supervision of the ODCCP. The GPML's goal is to increase the effectiveness of international action against money laundering.
While rallying the international community to adopt the proposed Convention against organised crime by the year 2000 remains an important priority of the UN, ODCCP is operationally tackling several issues which strike at the heart of organised crime.
See UNODC (formerly ODCCP), Afghanistan Annual Opium Poppy Survey 2000.
See UNODC (formerly ODCCP), Strategic Programme Framework: Strengthening Drug Control and Crime Prevention Capacities in the Central Asian States: 2002-2005, and "Afghan-Drug Crop Increasing," Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Crime and Corruption Watch 2, no.