ODCPOffice of Drug Control Policy
ODCPOil Diffuser: Ceramic Pentacle
ODCPOffice of the Deputy Commissioner for Programs (Social Security)
ODCPOrganization Development Certificate Program (NTL Institute; Fairfax, VA)
ODCPOffshore Decommissioning Communications Project (energy production)
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A proposal collection box will be set up by the ODCP Management Unit of the DH at 1/F, Hospital Authority Building, 147B Argyle Street, Kowloon.
The creation of the ODCP is an acknowledgement of the state's commitment to addressing the substance use disorder that has impacted West Virginia more than any other state in the country.
The ODCP program, which has bipartisan participation, will seek a comprehensive approach to solving the problem of drugs in Kentucky, which Lovely said challenges Kentucky's cities and counties and their judicial and law enforcement systems each day.
Lot 1 - Infusion pumps for pain treatment to be used in delivery rooms-palliative care / ODCP. Lot 2 - Infusion pumps for pain treatment to be used in the field of surgery.
Our unique agile system development and maintenance approach combined with our understanding of the ODCP mission will allow the agency to meet its fiduciary obligations, and deliver critical enhancements to its platform in an extremely cost effective way.