ODCSLOGOffice of the Deputy Chief Of Staff, Logistics
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The ODCSLOG's impulse to crowd all support activities under "logistics" implied a unity that did not exist, resulting in an unclear division of labor for Soldiers who had to organize and administer support in the field.
Labeled COSTAR (Combat Support to the Army), the reorganization aimed to reestablish the pre-World War II distinction between logistics and personnel support by severely restricting the activities of the ODCSLOG and giving greater importance to the ODCSPER.
It is important to the success of sustainment as a synchronized warfighting function that the organizations developed to execute sustainment do not repeat the empire-building antics of the failed ASF and the original ODCSLOG. Clearly, certain areas of personnel services (such as postal operations and human resources) will benefit from being part of the command and control heirarchy of the operational sustainment community, but other areas (such as casualty operations, personnel accounting, strength reporting, and personnel management) will not benefit from being forced into a sustainment hierarchy.