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Te angel ab not te wing, and I am te Angel ov te Odd."
"Mein Gott !" said the Angel of the Odd, apparently much softened at my distress; "mein Gott, te man is eder ferry dronk or ferry zorry.
There are some very odd Americans here, who keep throwing Harold into fits of laughter.
She has a mother; but the mother is always sitting in her bedroom, which seems so very odd. I should like mamma to ask them to Kingscote, but I am afraid mamma wouldn't like the mother, who is rather vulgar.
I was struck especially by the curious movements of the legs of the three swathed and bandaged boatmen,-- not stiff they were, but distorted in some odd way, almost as if they were jointed in the wrong place.
"How odd, indeed!" repeated Elinor within herself, regarding her sister with uneasiness.
If Aunt Juley is much better, or if, for a terrible reason, it would be no good my coming down to Swanage, you must not think it odd if I do not come.
"And by all accounts a very odd writer," added the lawyer.
Two to one are odds at every other thing as well as at foot-ball.
I want to see you permanently well connected, and to that end it will be advisable to have as few odd acquaintance as may be; and, therefore, I say that if you should still be in this country when Mr.
I call them birds since they were winged, but mortal eye ne'er rested on such odd, unearthly shapes.
These details will sound very odd in English ears, but Belgium is not England, and its ways are not our ways.