ODECOOrganizacion de Desarrollo Etnico Comunitario (Spanish: Ethnic Community Development Organization; Honduras)
ODECOOcean Drilling and Exploration Company
ODECOOriginal, Desirable, Excelsior, Creative and Outstanding (business motto; China)
ODECOOrganization Development Consultancy (Helsinki, Finland)
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La mas visible de todas estas es la Organizacion de Desarrollo Comunitario (ODECO), que es creada en 1992, y centra su discurso en la Afrodescendencia del pueblo garifuna y su inclusion en la diaspora africana de las Americas, colocandose asi en la tendencia contemporanea mayoritaria de los movimientos negros en America Latina.
ODECO, observes House, "maintained a stony and unsympathetic silence.
El 91% de las entrevistas se realizaron con los siguientes grupos: miembros garifunas y mestizos de la comunidad de Sambo Creek; operadores de turismo; duenos de hoteles y personal de los mismos en La Ceiba y Sambo Creek; lideres y activistas de las dos organizaciones garifunas de Honduras, ODECO y OFRANEH; funcionarios del Instituto de Turismo de Honduras; y funcionarios de la oficina regional (es decir, La Ceiba) del Instituto Nacional Agrario.
(3) Organizacion de Desarrollo Etnico Comunitario (ODECO), Mapeo institucional de las Organizaciones Afrodescendientes de Honduras.
ODECO success stories overseas also included the Sassan Field in the Persian Gulf off the shore of Iran, in which Murphy Oil owned a 25 percent interest; and Ninian Field, a large discovery in the North Sea off Britain.
Supreme Court in Moline Properties in 1943.(3) The economic family theory never became an issue in ODECO (1991).
According to Garifuna activists, the lack of definitive property titles led national and international businessmen, military, and politicians to harass Garifuna into abandoning their lands (ODECO 2002).
Among the participating civil groups at the meeting were the Organizacion Fraternal Negra Hondurena (OFRANEH), Centro Independiente para el Desarollo de Honduras, Mujeres Garifunas en Marcha, Ecosalud, Organizacion de Desarollo Etnico Comunitario (ODECO), and Movimiento Negro Iseri Lidawamari.
Cameron's belief that, spurred by its success in the 1980s, the IRS began to go after harder cases in the 1990s, particularly companies (Sears, AMERCO, ODECO and Harper) with captives that wrote substantial amounts of unrelated business.
Murphy had tried friendly overtures without success before resorting to a hostile bid that eventually resulted in a $383 million stock swap for more than 30 percent of ODECO.
Meanwhile, Celeo Alvarez Casildo, leader of the Caribbean Garifunas and head of the Organizacion de Desarrollo Etnico Comunitario (ODECO), left for New York with photographs and videos of the clash with police to denounce the government before the UN.
Odeco, an offshore drilling company, was conducting safety drills on a fixed platform when five employees were injured in an accident.(285) Odeco filed a declaratory judgment action in federal court and sought to limit its liability under the Limitation Act.(286) The district court stayed all litigation against Odeco arising out of the incident.(287) Four of the employees then filed suit in state court and filed a motion in the district court to lift the stay.(288) The district court granted this motion.(289)