ODEFOpen Dynamics Engine Forum
ODEFOpen Document Exchange Formats (German Federal Ministry of the Interior workshop; EU)
ODEFOld Dominion Eye Foundation, Inc. (est. 1956; Richmond, VA)
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The ODEF rule type-checks the definition of instances, tc denotes the outermost type constructors of a kind: [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; the overloaded operation must not already have an instance defined for the type constructor of the current instance type.
The recursive application of a within the instance is well-typed because list([Alpha]) [is less than]: list([Kappa]) (using the upper bound constraint on [Alpha]), and list([Kappa]) [is less than]: (nit [union] list([Kappa])) [is less than]: [Kappa], where the latter inclusion comes from the lower bound constraint on [Kappa] introduced by the ODEF rule.
The conclusion of this derivation is a premise to the ODEF rule; therefore, we never need to consider translating an instantiation of this derivation (where [Kappa] has been instantiated).