ODEQOregon Department of Environmental Quality
ODEQOklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
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"ODEQ, alongside our partners at EPA and the Quapaw Tribe, continues to work toward solutions in the Tar Creek area for the betterment of citizens' lives and the environment," said Oklahoma DEQ Executive Director Scott Thompson.
"After working closely with the state, EPA determined that the permit program submitted by ODEQ will be as protective as the federal regulatory program that it is replacing."
"The refinery had cleaned and mitigated most, if not all, of the areas adjacent to the existing sewer and the area was in good standing with ODEQ and the EPA," Cabbiness said.
When OdeQ Artistic Director Bernard Labadie left the company in July 2003, Legendre assumed artistic leadership in addition to his administrative duties.
The first agreement, with ODEQ, is slated to begin immediately pending EPA approval, and will be for a one year period that can be renewed annually.
(46.) ODEQ. Cost of Compliance with Water Quality Criteria for Toxic Pollutants for Oregon Waters.
CWS, through its persistent work with the ODEQ and EPA, developed a way to meet water quality-based effluent limitations through a watershed-based NPDES permit.
Des sa creation, l'ODEQ s'est penche sur le sort des paroisses dites marginales.
Once the City of Lawton had negotiated an agreement with EPA and ODEQ, one critical question remained; "How will the City of Lawton accomplish this task?" The city decided to look at the option of performing this work with in-house personnel, rather than hiring a private contractor to address the negotiated 21-year, three-phase, $90 million rehabilitation program.
The "cooperating agencies," ODFW and ODEQ, will provide technical expertise and staff support for the ongoing effort to improve water quality and the recreational fishery at Diamond Lake.