ODFDOffice of Defence Force Development (UN Transitional Administration in East Timor)
ODFDOne Dollar for Development (software initiative)
ODFDOrthogonal Decision-Feedback Detector/Detection
ODFDOperatively Delivered for Fetal Distress (pediatrics)
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Corn and soybean seeds were also treated with hydrophobic ODFD. For both species, germination was significantly delayed in seeds treated with ODFD compared with untreated control seeds (Fig.
Corn and bean seeds were also treated with ODFD for 0-, 2-, 5-, or 20-min at a lower pressure than in the previous study.
SEM images were also taken for the ODFD plasma treated seeds.
The only exception was corn seeds plasma treated with ODFD under pressures of 300 mT or with a long plasma exposure time of 20 min.
In our studies, pea, radish, corn, soybean and bean treated with either [CF.sub.4] or ODFD resulted in a hydrophobic layer on the seed which reduced water uptake, thereby delaying germination in all species.
Unlike, [CF.sub.4], ODFD plasmas do not primarily etch, but rather deposit a polymer film on the seed surface.