ODFSOdstock Dropped Foot Stimulator
ODFSOne-Dimensional Full Search (computing)
ODFSOrganizational Development for Faculty and Staff (Cornell University; New York)
ODFSOne Degree of Freedom Systems (structural engineering)
ODFSOverall Disease-Free Survival (oncology)
ODFSOptical Demand and Facility System
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Summary: To deliver maximum amount of paroxetine in shortest duration of time, the orodispersible films (ODF) were formulated and tested for their suitability as a carrier system.
Genes including tektin-2 (TEKT2) [5], dynein axonemal heavy chain 5 (DNAH5), DNAH11 [6], heat shock protein-70 [7], peroxiredoxin-6 [8], protamine 2 [9] and proteins including vesicle associated membrane protein 4 [10], outer dense fiber protein (ODF) [11], a-kinase anchoring protein 4 [12], calcium and integrin binding 1 [13], actin beta (ACTB) have been found to be associated with low-motility sperm (asthenospermia) in mice, swine, humans and cattle.
July 1, 2015 marked the operational start-up of Oman LNG De- velopment Foundation (ODF).
Caption: Figure 2: ODFs representative sections of the Al-Zn-Mg-0.25Sc-0.10Zr alloy deformed at 500[degrees]C and 1 x [10.sup.-2] x [s.sup.-1] after interrupting the tensile test at different strains: (a) [epsilon] = 0; (b) [epsilon] = 0.69; (c) [epsilon] = 1.10; (d) [epsilon] = 2.40 [42].
In order to find all the fiber-along vectors from ODFs and improve the precision of multipeak searching, in this work, we have introduced a novel methodology to estimate the fiber directions directly from ODF based on PSO-Powell hybrid algorithm.
used Watson function to analyze ODF construction, which provides a compact representation of the diffusion-anisotropic signal [16].
In the present analyses the ODFS was comprised of 46 (20%) residential fathers with full custody, 114 (50%) part-time residential fathers with shared physical custody and residence of children, and 70 (30%) nonresidential fathers.
It was stated that many people are interested in texture but since "the science of texture measurement" is not well developed, there is currently no single "best practice." Some of the issues raised by the participants were accuracy, procedures for correcting measured diffraction intensities, and selection of descriptors (pole figures, ODFs) and coordinate systems (Euler angles, direction cosines) for the various texture measurement techniques.