ODHIOffice for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired (Arkansas Rehabilitation Services; Little Rock, AR)
ODHIOld Dominion Home Inspection Inc. (Vienna, VA)
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The analysis of sequence data of 16 frequently studied housekeeping genes (atpA, dnaE, dnaK, fusA, leuA, odhI, rpoB, atpD, groES, groEU, groEL2, inf B, recA, recN, rpoA, and sodA) of 15 C.
pseudotuberculosis groEL1 1641 62.9 inf B 2886 13.6 dnaK 1836 9.1 leuA 1818 14.0 odhI 3687 12.5 atpD 1446 6.2 recN 1740 27.0 dnaE 3561 58.2 groEL2 1641 59.5 recA 1110 14.1 rpoA 1017 7.7 fusA 2127 3.9 groES 297 6.5 rpoB 2974 8.0 sodA 600 10.0 atpA 1630 8.4 Average sequence divergence Gene C.
Tenders are invited for Construction of naveen High School i/c Sanitary and Electrical Fitting at Odhi Teh.
Etestamendi otali vulu okulundululwa, ihe omilandu dha faathana odhi na okulandulwa ngaashi naanaa etestamendi tali ningwa.
Tenders are invited for Up Keeping And Maintenance Work Of Street Light From Bhishm Pitamah Marg Road To Cgo Complex, Odhi Road, Surrounding Pv Hostel And Dmrc Area.