ODIIOrganizing for Development, an International Institute
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Research in most SSA indicated that the women's activities in support of their families determine how much food available for family consumption and hence the nutritional status of their household members (Odii, 1996).
(55) See Lectura 157: "Est ergo differentia, quia ira non appetit malum proximo nisi in quantum uult uindictam; unde, facta uindicta quiescit; in odio, autem ipsum nocumentum est per se uolitum et nunquam quiescit appetitus; ergo grauior est motus odii quam ire."
[I.3] Si odii causa, ut homicida iudicetur" [Those who are drunk with wine or beer, contrary to the Savior's prohibition ...
Genitives apparently analogous to that of ferox scelerum appear at Annals 4.53.1 pervicax irae and 12.22.1 atrox odii, but in each case the noun which follows refers to an internal and not an external attribute.
(17) The relations with other human beings will be for Freud, as they had been for Leopardi, a source of uncalled-for pain; Leopardi also explicitly states this understanding in "La ginestra," with reference to "gli odii e l'ire/ Fraterne, ancor piu gravi d'ogni altro danno" (lines 119-21).
statim desideratur haberi; sic post passionem vel affectionem odii
Tuttavia Saba non pone l'accento sulla "diversita" che gli appare spesso "molto piu di forma che di sostanza" e si dice "alieno da odii religiosi e razziali" (Tutte le prose 365), come scrive nella Prefazione del 1952 alla prosa Gli Ebrei (1910-12).