ODIPOwner Direct Insurance Program (Wisconsin)
ODIPOrdre Des Inventoristes Professionnels (French: College of Business Inventories)
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The ODIP Model Creates a Space to Foster Mathematical Argument
One recurring theme apparent in students' journal writing on the implementation of the ODIP model to solve mathematics problems was their heightened awareness of constructing meaning through shared dialogue.
The one thing I found interesting about the ODIP process was hearing the opinions and interpretations of my classmates.
He seemed to value the ODIP model as a tool to foster discussion and to bring multiple perspectives to bear on the problem situation.
The ODIP Model Supports Students' Abilities to Examine Multiple Aspects of a Problem
During another implementation of the ODIP model, we challenged our students to develop a rich mathematical problem while visiting the Segrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona (see Figure 1).
The ODIP Model Supports Abstract Mathematical Thinking
Not knowing the answer, another student suggested we use the ODIP model to answer this question.
In this implementation of the ODIP model to explain a peer-generated measurement prompt, Sarah used the resources at hand to frame the problem.
Sarah used the ODIP model to construct a coherent problem solution before utilizing mathematical calculations or operations.
23) By applying the ODIP model to estimation, Sarah has gained a tool to analyze abstractly and quantitatively that will allow her to assist her future students as they conceptualize very large or very small quantities.