ODITOsservatorio di Diritto Tributario (Italian: Tax Law Observatory)
ODITOptical Digital Imaging Technology
ODITOptical Digital Image Processing Text
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Baboo and Odit (2009) argue, that Stock market is an imperative determinant to measure the financial health of economy.
El desarrolla largamente como al no escuchar a aquel que nos incita al mal, el odio es amor, ya que aquel no procede del afecto sino de la caridad, como se ve por Lc 14,26: si quis venit ad me et non odit patrem suum et matrem et uxorem et filios et fratres et sorores adhuc autem et animam suam non potest esse meus discipulus.
(46) Vos autem orate Dominum, qui nichil odit eorum que fecit et omnes homines vult ad agnitionem veritatis venire, ut ipse in diebus istis orientales tenebras illuminare dignetur.
Mekachera moved to the Dubai office in September just after the formation of Atout France which came about through the merger in June of Maison de la France, the promotion agency for France as a tourism destination, and ODIT France, the tourism engineering agency.
In March 2007, Gier Cuang Aluong, southern Sudan government minister of telecommunications said "there is a contract between Gemtel and the national Ugandan Telecom Company (UTC), to use the gateway, Gemtel is paying US$50,000 a month." However, the head of the investigation committee, John Odit, said "Gemtel does not pay any direct taxes to Uganda." He also contested government capacity to sign such a deal without authority from Parliament.
Unde amant se secundum id quod aestimant se esse, sed odiunt id quod vere sunt, dum volunt contraria rationi.--Et utroque modo, ille qui diligit iniquitatem, odit non solum animam suam, sed etiam seipsum."
Boethius, apparently following the Senecan sententia, odit verus amor nec patitur moras (True love hates and does not brook delay, HF588), combines the two concepts in a sententia in the next two lines (47-48): quis legem det amantibus?
(2) Odit France (French Government's Tourism public agency) and SNAV (Travel Agencies National Association) commissioned a study on the future of travel agencies (2005) for which we carried out a consumer survey.