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ODMRPOn-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol
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LMRSC has only one type of control message, as opposed to two in ODMRP, and three in MAODV.
In order to illustrate its efficiency, the results of the proposed mechanism are compared with those of different multicast routing mechanisms such as ODMRP and PUMA.
In order to evaluate the efficiency of the proposed mechanism (LMRSC), it is compared with different routing mechanisms such as PUMA and ODMRP.
ODMRP based on Mobility Prediction: Since ODMRP requires periodic flooding of JOIN-QUERY messages to refresh routes and group membership, finding an optimal refresh interval is critical for its performance.
However, the performance of ODMRP has been reported to be significantly improved [2] with the use of mobility prediction.
Simulation results in [15] illustrate that for larger Join-Query intervals, the packet delivery ratio of PatchODMRP increases while that of the original ODMRP decreases.
In this scenario, the performance of PBQMRP and ODMRP with different network sizes is evaluated.
7(b), the normalized packet overhead of both PBQMRP and ODMRP increases as the network size increases.
Thus, ODMRP incurs larger overhead to forward the data packets and its NPO dramatically increases.
In this experiment, we investigate the scalability of the proposed PBMQRP and ODMRP with various node densities in the network.
Therefore, PDR of PBQMRP is less compared with ODMRP.
2], PBQMRP performs better than ODMRP due to higher network connectivity and stable network structure.