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ODNAOrganizational DNA
ODNAOndeo Degremont North America
ODNAOld Dover Neighborhood Association (Boston, MA)
ODNAOperations Division Network Alliance
ODNAOrthodox Druids of North America
ODNAoligonucleosomal deoxyribonucleic acid
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FLACSO, Contrato Social por la Educacion, ESPOL, PUCE, ODNA, Universidad de Cuenca y UNICEF, 2011: 323-342.
Tol'ko ptitsy i ryby znaiut, chto takoe odna sreda.
As it happens, both the original Russian title of Vladimir Makanin's novel Odin i odna (1987) and its German version are equally untranslatable into English: Odin and odna are numerals meaning "one [man]" and "one [woman].
The oDNA segment accounted for the largest share - 98% - of the global DNA & gene chip market in 2010.
37 billion dirhams project, with the ODNA covering the remainder of the cost.
Electrocute "Hot N Cold" Performed by Katy Perry "Ghosts" Performed by Ladytron "Mozdulj Mar (Mondulo Mar)" Performed by Lola "Ona Odna (She's Alone)" Performed by Ranetki Girls "This Is Not A Test" Performed by Shock of Pleasure "Brainless" Performed by Sunny Day Sets Fire "Good Day" Performed by Tally Hall "Come My Sunshine" Performed by The Comas "Divebomb" Performed by The Whip "Not A Love Song" Performed by Uh Huh Her "On & On" Performed by Vanilla Sky "Can't Believe My Eyes" Performed by Wainwright