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The "faulty textual tradition" Leingbaugh talked about (see section 2) extended itself to the nineteenth and even the twentieth century if we consider the mention of the ODNB (see note 4).
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It has not been noticed in the ESTC (or in the ODNB and DNB entries for Primrose) that there was a second London edition in 1640 that also described itself on the title page as revised and augmented ("Editio secunda aucta & recognita").
The first North American edition of Barfield's Poetic Diction, described by Walter Hooper in his ODNB entry on Barfield as "perhaps his finest book," (9) was published in Toronto in 1964 with an introduction by the American poet Howard Nemerov (1920-1991).
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ODNB states that Tollett contributed notes to the first edition, of 1765.
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Others who mined it include Roy Jenkins, for his very readable single-volume biography, and Paul Addison, who wrote the essay on Churchill for the wonderful new Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and has now, on the good old journalistic principle "always publish everything twice," expanded and revised his ODNB essay as a separate book, making it about the best short life of Churchill available.
Patterson's article in the ODNB passes too lightly over Thorndike's covenantal pitch and drive.