ODNIOffice of the Director of National Intelligence (US)
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html) sneak peek  for the episode, Bryan and his fellow ODNI agents manage to take the FSB agent, Yuri Surnuyev (Lev Gordon), into their custody.
Statement by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on North Korea's Declared Nuclear Test on May 25, 2009," ODNI News Release No.
congressional consensus is that the ODNI is to be "a coordinator,
Overall, the figures released by ODNI still showed that the administration of Obama's predecessor, Republican George W.
intelligence community; (4) currently the ODNI headquarters is located
And then later on that evening, once we do get to full compliance, the DOJ and ODNI immediately notify the intelligence committees up on the Hill that we've got full compliance now on that one area.
ODNI has something has something called CTIIC and that is a coordination effort for all of the cyber that comes in so that we don't stovepipe like what we did before 9/11.
Last year, because he was working in ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence), it was all very government conspiracy all the time," Standen told (http://observer.
e) In March 2016, ODNI declassified another undated letter from the bin Ladin cache that was written by Shekau himself and addressed to Al-Qa'ida leadership.
Central Command and ODNI did not immediately respond to requests for comment.