ODOLOklahoma Department of Labor
ODOLOne Deed, One Lifetime (Singapore)
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It can additionally be integrated with existing presentations, especially ODOL [1].
aspect Purpose DPML [check] both MDA (Model-Driven Architecture) RSL [check] both MDA, code verification OCSID both SPINE [check] static Code verification SPQR static Code X-ray Object-Calculus both RBML [check] both MDA Slam-SL [check] both Inference in general ODOL (OWL) [check] static Pattern Repository URN both Ease of use PEC [check] static Enforcing compiler LePUS [check] static Pattern Repository TLA dynamic FOL static Prolog static BPSL both Inference in general
The suit alleges that DeBaene and the Board of Directors have committed fraud by substituting, without consent or authorization, securities in lieu of payment on account of promissory notes given by ODOL in exchange for loans from investors.