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ODPOne Day Productions
ODPOriginator Detection Pattern
ODPObstacle Departure Procedure
ODPOnline Directory Project
ODPOrbital Defense Platform (gaming, Halo)
ODPOmega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.
ODPOcean Data Partnership
ODPOptimum Distance Profile
ODPOver-Draft Protection
ODPOmni-Directional Propulsion (Aries Propulsion Research Labs)
ODPOverseas Delivery Program (Volvo)
ODPOperating Data Processing
ODPold development paradigm
ODPOffice Dead Pool (web site)
ODPOptimistic Distributed Protocol
ODPOrbital Debris Penetration
ODPOpen Deck Party (DJs, rave, electronic music)
ODPOverall Documentation Plan
ODPOnline Data Program
ODPOrigin, Duration, Progress (illness)
ODPOpen Drip Proof
ODPOperator's Display Panel
ODPOklahoma Democratic Party
ODPOcean Drilling Program
ODPOfficer Development Program
ODPOfficer Distribution Plan
ODPOpen Directory Project
ODPOpen Distributed Processing
ODPOperating Department Practitioner
ODPOptical Data Processing
ODPOrderly Departure Program
ODPOutline Development Plan
ODPOzone Depletion Potential
ODPOptical Data Protection (Appian Communications)
ODPOffice for Domestic Preparedness (formerly Office for State & Local Domestic Preparedness; Department of Justice)
ODPOn Device Portal
ODPOffice of Disaster Preparedness
ODPOptional Defense Pact (gaming)
ODPOrganizational Development Plan
ODPOil Depletion Protocol (energy initiative; Sebastopol, CA)
ODPOlympic Development Program
ODPOracle Data Provider
ODPOhio Democratic Party (politics)
ODPOffice of Disclosure Policy (Social Security)
ODPOffice Depot (stock symbol)
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ODP has quickly become the most widely accepted scatterometry approach for advanced process development and control, exceeding the ITRS metrology precision roadmap for many future nodes.
Our customers are introducing new shapes in the active area, so it was imperative that ODP 2006 effectively measure these structures," said Dr.
In a recent study of 16 patients with ODP, it was shown by HR-OCT that fluid can move directly from the optic pit to the subinternal limiting membrane space, ganglion cell layer, inner and outer nuclear layers, or subretinal space.
The LTS Monarch release of ODP allows application developers to adopt it with confidence, and is a milestone in enabling the ARM ecosystem to offer differentiated hardware innovations with stable and consistent APIs across the entire network infrastructure.
However, the credit union decided not to implement JMFA's ODP program.
After ODP was awarded the contract to develop the site in 2005, plans were drawn up for a Radisson Edwardian Hotel on this part of the site.
ODP guarantees the continuation of the services to the clients.
The finding that an earlier issued patent could be invalidated for ODP by a later issued patent led former Chief Judge Randall Rader to dissent strongly and conclude that the majority's decision was an unwarranted expansion of the doctrine of ODP that would have "unforeseen consequences.
The average polysaccharide content of ODPs, ODP-I, ODP-II, ODP-Ia, ODP-Ib and ODP-II' were 78.
The ODP had revenues of GBP871,192 and profit before tax of GBP110,437 in the year ended 31 May 2009.
On the other hand, anyone flying an ODP to later join the vector SID listed in the route should file the remark, "will depart(airport)(runway)via ODP" followed by the name of the SID.