ODPAon Demand Platform Authentication
ODPAon Demand Port Activation
ODPAOhlone Dog Park Association (California)
ODPAOMP(Outer Member Protein)-Derived Polysaccharide Antigen (microbiology)
ODPAOcclusive Disease of the Peripheral Arteries
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The molar amount of dianhydride ODPA was kept constant, but the amounts of two diamines BAFL and 3,4'-ODA were varied, keeping the total molar number of two diamines equal to that of the dianhydride.
First, a poly(amic acid) 1 was obtained by the reaction of DAB with ODPA, using NMP as solvent.
Samples Dianhydride Diamine mixture PI-1 BPDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-2 6FDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-3 ODPA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-4 9FDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-5 BPDA 1,3,4-APB(50), 3,4'-ODA(50) PI-6 BPDA 1,3,4-APB PI-7 BPDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) Samples Calculated [M.
This shift may be due in part to the electron affinities of the ODPA and 6F units, which influence the [pi]-[[pi].
60 Pendulum rebound (Z), % at 23 [degrees] C 61 69 70 at 100 [degrees] C 69 76 78 Formula (3247): NR - 100; silica 150BET - 30; oil - 3; ODPA - 1; DCP - 2.
ODPA, that is, 4,4'-oxydiphthalic anhydride (Chriskev), was recrystallized from acetic anhydride before use.
With these issuances, the aggregate outstanding dollar principal amount (ODPA) of the class A-2 notes will increase to $3 billion, and the aggregate ODPA of the class A-3 notes will increase to $1 billion.
5 Magnesium oxide 4 ODPA antidegradant 2 Ingredient A 20-60 Ingredient B 5-25 Ingredient C 5-25 Zinc oxide 5 Processing aid 2
g] increases, based on the dianhydride structures in this study, are in the following order: PMDA [greater than] BPDA [greater than] 6FDA [greater than] BTDA [greater than] ODPA [32].
4 82 114 (1) NBS abrasion index Formula: polymer - 100; Hi-Sil 210-50; oil - 5; ODPA - 1; sulfur - 2; MBTS - 1.
Therefore, PAN and ODPA were chosen as the candidate antidegradants for further evaluation.
A series of molecular weights of a novel semicrystalline polyimide based on TPEQ and ODPA was synthesized.