ODSFOrdre des Sages Femmes de la Moselle (French: College of Midwives of Moselle; France)
ODSFOregon Department of State Forestry
ODSFOrden des Silbernen Feuers (German: Order of the Silver Fire; gaming guild)
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When participants' responses could not be categorized according to ODSF concepts, data were analyzed inductively using similarities and differences rules (Lincoln & Cuba, 1985; Skrtic, Guba, & Knowlton, 1985).
Patients with advanced CKD who were required to choose a dialysis modality were confronted with decisional needs matching those described in the ODSF, in addition to a few not captured by the ODSF or fully developed.
Results revealed emergent needs that are not fully developed in the ODSF or included in Figure 1.
This study identified a more comprehensive set of decisional needs relative to those described in the ODSF.